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Educational Attainment and Prevalence of Cardiovascular Health (Life's Simple 7) in Asian Americans. International journal of environmental research and public health Alam, M. T., Echeverria, S. E., DuPont-Reyes, M. J., Vasquez, E., Murillo, R., Gonzalez, T., Rodriguez, F. 2021; 18 (4)


Asian Americans have a high burden of cardiovascular disease, yet little is known about the social patterning of cardiovascular health (CVH) in this population. We examined if education ( 10+ years, and 15.9% for the U.S.-born. All models showed that low education compared to high education was associated with lower odds of having ideal CVH. This pattern remained in adjusted models but became non-significant when controlling for nativity (odds ratio = 0.34, 95% confidence interval: 0.10, 1.13). Models stratified by time in the U.S. were less consistent but showed similar education gradients in CVH. Low education is a risk factor for attaining ideal cardiovascular health among Asian Americans, regardless of time in the U.S.

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