Anatomical-based classification for transoral base of tongue resection. Head & neck De Virgilio, A., Kim, S., Wang, C., Holsinger, F. C., Magnuson, S., Lawson, G., Pellini, R., Mercante, G., Costantino, A., Spriano, G. 2021


BACKGROUND: To propose a classification of transoral base of tongue (BOT) procedures able to provide uniform terminology in order to better define postoperative results.METHODS: The classification resulted from the consensus of the different authors and is based on anatomical and surgical principles.RESULTS: The classification comprises three types of BOT resections: type 1 is the resection of the entire lingual tonsil to the muscular plane; type 2 is performed by removing the entire lingual tonsil and part of BOT muscles; type 3 is performed by removing the entire lingual tonsil and the entire BOT muscles. Based on the extension of the dissection, we can use the suffix A (contralateral BOT), B (supraglottic larynx), C (lateral oropharynx), and/or D (oral tongue).CONCLUSION: The proposed classification could allow us to easily compare data from different centers.

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