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A calibration CT mini-lung-phantom created by 3-D printing and subtractive manufacturing. Journal of applied clinical medical physics Guo, H. H., Persson, M., Weinheimer, O., Rosenberg, J., Robinson, T. E., Wang, J. 2021


We describe the creation and characterization of a calibration CT mini-lung-phantom incorporating simulated airways and ground-glass densities. Ten duplicate mini-lung-phantoms with Three-Dimensional (3-D) printed tubes simulating airways and gradated density polyurethane foam blocks were designed and built. Dimensional accuracy and CT numbers were measured using micro-CT and clinical CT scanners. Micro-CT images of airway tubes demonstrated an average dimensional variation of 0.038mm from nominal values. The five different densities of incorporated foam blocks, simulating ground-glass, showed mean CT numbers (±standard deviation) of -897.0±1.5, -844.1±1.5, -774.1±2.6, -695.3±1.6, and -351.0±3.7HU, respectively. Three-Dimensional printing and subtractive manufacturing enabled rapid, cost-effective production of ground-truth calibration mini-lung-phantoms with low inter-sample variation that can be scanned simultaneously with the patient undergoing lung quantitative CT.

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