Bench-to-Bedside in Vascular Medicine: Optimizing the Translational Pipeline for Patients With Peripheral Artery Disease. Circulation research Alsaigh, T., Di Bartolo, B. A., Mulangala, J., Figtree, G. A., Leeper, N. J. 2021; 128 (12): 1927-1943


Peripheral arterial disease is a growing worldwide problem with a wide spectrum of clinical severity and is projected to consume >$21 billion per year in the United States alone. While vascular researchers have brought several therapies to the clinic in recent years, few of these approaches have leveraged advances in high-throughput discovery screens, novel translational models, or innovative trial designs. In the following review, we discuss recent advances in unbiased genomics and broader omics technology platforms, along with preclinical vascular models designed to enhance our understanding of disease pathobiology and prioritize targets for additional investigation. Furthermore, we summarize novel approaches to clinical studies in subjects with claudication and ischemic ulceration, with an emphasis on streamlining and accelerating bench-to-bedside translation. By providing a framework designed to enhance each aspect of future clinical development programs, we hope to enrich the pipeline of therapies that may prevent loss of life and limb for those with peripheral arterial disease.

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