Cystic artery velocity as a predictor of acute cholecystitis. Abdominal radiology (New York) Perez, M. G., Tse, J. R., Bird, K. N., Liang, T., Brooke Jeffrey, R., Kamaya, A. 2021


To evaluate angle-corrected peak systolic cystic artery velocity (CAv) as a predictor of acute cholecystitis among patients presenting to the emergency department (ED) with right upper quadrant (RUQ) pain.In this IRB-approved and retrospective study, CAv was evaluated in 73 patients, 43 who underwent definitive treatment with cholecystectomy or percutaneous cholecystostomy and 30 control patients without clinical suspicion for cholecystitis. In addition to CAv, the following were reviewed by 3 radiologists: CBD diameter, cholelithiasis, impacted stone in the neck, sludge, gallbladder wall thickness?>?3 mm, gallbladder transverse dimension?=?4 cm, longitudinal dimension?=?8 cm, tensile gallbladder fundus sign, pericholecystic fluid, pericholecystic echogenic fat, and sonographic Murphy sign.Of the 43 patients who underwent definitive treatment, 25 had acute cholecystitis (34%) and 18 (25%) had chronic cholecystitis. Average CAv measurements were 50?±?16 cm/s (acute), 28?±?8 cm/s (chronic), and 22?±?8 cm/s (control; p?

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