Single-cell transcriptomic profiling reveals distinct mechanical responses between normal and diseased tendon progenitor cells. Cell reports. Medicine Still, C. 2., Chang, W., Sherman, S. L., Sochacki, K. R., Dragoo, J. L., Qi, L. S. 2021; 2 (7): 100343


Regenerative medicine approaches utilizing stem cells offer a promising strategy to address tendinopathy, a class of common tendon disorders associated with pain and impaired function. Tendon progenitor cells (TPCs) are important in healing and maintaining tendon tissues. Here we provide a comprehensive single cell transcriptomic profiling of TPCs from three normal and three clinically classified tendinopathy samples in response to mechanical stimuli. Analysis reveals seven distinct TPC subpopulations including subsets that are responsive to the mechanical stress, highly clonogenic, and specialized in cytokine or growth factor expression. The single cell transcriptomic profiling of TPCs and their subsets serves as a foundation for further investigation into the pathology and molecular hallmarks of tendinopathy in mechanical stimulation conditions.

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