Asynchronous, Out-of-Sequence, Transcontinental Chain Kidney Transplantation: A Novel Concept AMERICAN JOURNAL OF TRANSPLANTATION Butt, F. K., Gritsch, H. A., Schulam, P., Danovitch, G. M., Wilkinson, A., Del Pizzo, J., Kapur, S., Serur, D., Katznelson, S., Busque, S., Melcher, M. L., McGuire, S., Charlton, M., Hil, G., Veale, J. L. 2009; 9 (9): 2180-2185


The organ donor shortage has been the most important hindrance in getting listed patients transplanted. Living kidney donors who are incompatible with their intended recipients are an untapped resource for expanding the donor pool through participation in transplant exchanges. Chain transplantation takes this concept further, with the potential to benefit even more recipients. We describe the first asynchronous, out of sequence transplant chain that was initiated by transcontinental shipment of an altruistic donor kidney 1 week after that recipient's incompatible donor had already donated his kidney to the next recipient in the chain. The altruistic donor kidney was transported from New York to Los Angeles and functioned immediately after transplantation. Our modified-sequence asynchronous transplant chain (MATCH) enabled eight recipients, at four different institutions, to benefit from the generosity of one altruistic donor and warrants further exploration as a promising step toward addressing the organ donor shortage.

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