Photosynthetic symbiotic therapeutics - An innovative, effective treatment for ischemic cardiovascular diseases. Journal of molecular and cellular cardiology Zhu, Y., Woo, Y. J. 2021


Ischemic heart disease is a major cause of global morbidity and mortality, affecting over 15 million patients in the United States. Recent advances in research and innovation have greatly broadened clinicians' ability to treatment ischemic heart disease and associated heart failure using various preventive, pharmacologic, and surgical strategies. Specifically, innovative photosynthetic symbiotic systems using Synechococcus elongatus has gained significant attention. S. elongatus is a unicellular cyanobacterium that can carry out oxygenic photosynthesis. Photosynthetic therapies have been developed to rescue ischemic tissue by taking up tissue-derived carbon dioxide and in turn releasing oxygen for sustained aerobic metabolism during ischemia. In this article, we review the application of cyanobacteria, specifically S. elongatus, in the field of biotechnology, ischemic heart disease, and other clinical applications in ischemic diseases. We also address the motivation for innovation and current limitations in the field of S. elongatus photosynthetic therapeutics for ischemic cardiovascular disease interventions.

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