GLOBAL NAFLD PREVALENCE NOW AND IN THE FUTURE- A META-ANALYSIS WITH TREND AND FORECASTING Le, M., Yeo, Y., Li, X., Li, J., Zou, B., Wu, Y., Ye, Q., Huang, D., Zhao, C., Zhang, J., Liu, C., Chang, N., Xing, F., Yan, S., Hui, W., Yee, N., Maeda, M., Liu, X., Liu, C., Rui, F., Yang, H., Yang, Y., Jin, R., Le, R. X., Xu, Y., Le, D. M., Barnett, S. D., Stave, C., Cheung, R. C., Zhu, Q., Nguyen, M. H. WILEY. 2021: 1011A-1012A

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