68Ga-PSMA11 PET/CT for biochemically recurrent prostate cancer: Influence of dual-time and PMT- vs SiPM-based detectors. Translational oncology Duan, H., Baratto, L., Hatami, N., Liang, T., Mari Aparici, C., Davidzon, G. A., Iagaru, A. 2021; 15 (1): 101293


OBJECTIVES: 68Ga-PSMA11 PET/CT is excellent for evaluating biochemically recurrent prostate cancer (BCR PC). Here, we compared the positivity rates of dual-time point imaging using a PET/CT scanner (DMI) with silicon photomultiplier (SiPM) detectors and a PET/CT scanner (D690) with photomultiplier tubes (PMT), in patients with BCR PC.METHODS: Fifty-eight patients were prospectively recruited and randomized to receive scans on DMI followed by D690 or vice-versa. Images from DMI were reconstructed using the block sequential regularized expectation maximization (BSREM) algorithm and images from D690 were reconstructed using ordered subset expectation maximization (OSEM), according to the vendor's recommendations. Two readers independently reviewed all images in randomized order, recorded the number and location of lesions, as well as standardized uptake value (SUV) measurements.RESULTS: Twenty-eight patients (group A) had DMI as first scanner followed by D690, while 30 patients (group B) underwent scans in reversed order. Mean PSA was 30±112.9 (range 0.3-600.66)ng/mL for group A and 41.5±213.2 (range 0.21-1170) ng/mL for group B (P=0.796). The positivity rate in group A was 78.6% (22/28 patients) vs. 73.3% (22/30 patients) in group B. Although the performance of the two scanners was equivalent on a per-patient basis, DMI identified 5 additional sites of suspected recurrent disease when used as first scanner. The second scan time point did not reveal additional abnormal uptake.CONCLUSIONS: The delayed time point in 68Ga-PSMA11 PET/CT did not show a higher positivity rate. SiPM-based PET/CT identified additional lesions. Further studies with larger cohorts are needed to confirm these results.

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