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ECHELON-2 (NCT01777152), A RANDOMIZED, DOUBLE-BLIND, PHASE 3 STUDY OF BRENTUXIMAB VEDOTIN plus CHP VS CHOP IN PREVIOUSLY UNTREATED PATIENTS WITH CD30-POSITIVE PERIPHERAL T-CELL LYMPHOMA: 5-YEAR RESULTS Zinzani, P. L., Illidge, T., Horwitz, S. M., O'Connor, O. A., Pro, B., Iyer, S. P., Advani, R., Bartlett, N. L., Christensen, J. H., Morschhauser, F., Domingo-Domenech, E., Rossi, G., Kim, W. S., Feldman, T. A., Menne, T., Belada, D., Illes, A., Tobinai, K., Tsukasaki, K., Yeh, S., Huttmann, A., Savage, K. J., Yuen, S., Miao, H., Bunn, V., Fenton, K., Fanale, M. A., Puhlmann, M., Trumper, L. FERRATA STORTI FOUNDATION. 2021: 3

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