Long-term prognosis after resection of cryptogenic hepatocellular carcinoma BMC SURGERY Ohkura, Y., Sasaki, K., Matsuda, M., Hashimoto, M., Watanabe, G. 2015; 15: 115


We investigated the patterns and predictors of recurrence and survival in cryptogenic non-B, non-C, non-alcoholic hepatocellular carcinoma (CR-HCC). We compared the findings with those hepatitis virus B (B) and hepatitis virus C (C)-HCC. CR-HCC does not include HCC developed on NASH.From 1990 to 2011, of 676 patients who underwent primary curative liver resection as initial therapy for HCC at our institution, 167 had B-HCC, 401 had C-HCC, and 62 had CR-HCC. Differences between three groups were analyzed using the Chi-squared test. Cumulative overall survival (OS) and disease-free survival (DFS) were determined by the Kaplan-Meier method, prognostic factors involved in OS/DFS were evaluated by univariate analysis using the log-rank test, and stepwise Cox regression analysis.Liver function was better in CR-HCC than in B/C-HCC, and mean tumor size was larger in CR-HCC than in B/C-HCC. In CR-HCC, OS was equivalent to that of B/C-HCC, and DFS was equivalent to that of B-HCC. Both tumor-related factors and background liver function appeared to be prognostic factors for three groups.Our findings indicate that the probability of survival of advanced CR-HCC was not longer than that of B/C-HCC. Given our findings, a postoperative follow-up protocol for CR-HCC should be established alongside that for B/C-HCC.

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