Outcomes in patients hospitalized for COVID-19 among Asian, Pacific Islander, and Hispanic subgroups in the American Heart Association COVID-19 registry. American journal of medicine open Shah, N. S., Giase, G. M., Petito, L. C., Kandula, N. R., Rodriguez, F., Hsu, J. J., Wang, D. R., Khan, S. S. 1800; 1: 100003


Background: Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) data from race/ethnic subgroups remain limited, potentially masking subgroup-level heterogeneity. We evaluated differences in outcomes in Asian American/Pacific Islander (AAPI) and Hispanic/Latino subgroups compared with non-Hispanic White patients hospitalized with COVID-19.Methods: In the American Heart Association COVID-19 registry including 105 US hospitals, mortality and major adverse cardiovascular events in adults age =18 years hospitalized with COVID-19 between March-November 2020 were evaluated. Race/ethnicity groups included AAPI overall and subgroups (Chinese, Asian Indian, Vietnamese, and Pacific Islander), Hispanic/Latino overall and subgroups (Mexican, Puerto Rican), compared with non-Hispanic White (NHW).Results: Among 13,511 patients, 7% were identified as AAPI (of whom 17% were identified as Chinese, 9% Asian Indian, 8% Pacific Islander, and 7% Vietnamese); 35% as Hispanic (of whom 15% were identified as Mexican and 1% Puerto Rican); and 59% as NHW. Mean [SD] age at hospitalization was lower in Asian Indian (60.4 [17.4] years), Pacific Islander (49.4 [16.7] years), and Mexican patients (57.4 [16.9] years), compared with NHW patients (66.9 [17.3] years, p<0.01). Mean age at death was lower in Mexican (67.7 [15.5] years) compared with NHW patients (75.5 [13.5] years, p<0.01). No differences in odds of mortality or MACE in AAPI or Hispanic patients relative to NHW patients were observed after adjustment for age.Conclusions: Pacific Islander, Asian Indian, and Mexican patients hospitalized with COVID-19 in the AHA registry were significantly younger than NHW patients. COVID-19 infection leading to hospitalization may disproportionately burden some younger AAPI and Hispanic subgroups in the US.

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