Modified Gundersen Flap Using Inferior Palpebral-Bulbar Conjunctiva. Cornea Mekonnen, B., Kossler, A. L., Lin, C. C. 1800; 41 (2): 260-263


PURPOSE: The purpose of this article was to describe a modification to the traditional Gundersen flap technique that expands eligible eyes to include those with severe conjunctival scarring and to report results from a clinical case.METHODS: A 68-year-old woman with a history of herpes simplex keratitis, multiple failed penetrating keratoplasties, lagophthalmos, persistent epithelial defect, and low visual potential in the left eye presented for the evaluation of a Gundersen flap. Severe superior bulbar conjunctival scarring precluded a traditional approach. A modified Gundersen flap technique using a contiguous flap of inferior palpebral-bulbar conjunctiva extending from the inferior tarsal border to the limbus was devised and performed.RESULTS: The modified Gundersen flap technique successfully stabilized the ocular surface, obviating the need for a cosmetically disfiguring permanent tarsorrhaphy or an evisceration.CONCLUSIONS: This modified Gundersen flap technique expands the indications to eyes with severe conjunctival scarring and can be offered in eyes with previous trabeculectomies, glaucoma drainage implants, and scleral buckles, which were previously excluded from the globe-preserving option.

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