1,550 nm Erbium-Doped and 1,927 nm Thulium Nonablative Fractional Laser System: Best Practices and Treatment Setting Recommendations. Dermatologic surgery : official publication for American Society for Dermatologic Surgery [et al.] Friedman, P. M., Dover, J. S., Chapas, A., Rahman, Z., Ross, E. V., Kilmer, S. L., Roberts, W. E., Sodha, P., Stimmel, J. B., Moncrief, M. B., Waibel, J. S. 1800


BACKGROUND: The Fraxel Dual laser system (Solta Medical, Inc., Bothell, WA) contains a 1,550 and 1,927 nm wavelength single handpiece with different indications for each wavelength.OBJECTIVE: To discuss treatment setting recommendations and best practices for select on-label and investigational applications of the 1,550 and 1,927 nm dual laser system.MATERIALS AND METHODS: Eight board-certified dermatologists with 10 or more years of experience with the 1,550 and 1,927 nm laser system completed an online survey about their clinical experience with the system and then participated in a roundtable to share clinical perspectives and best practices for using the laser system.RESULTS: For all Fitzpatrick skin types, treatment recommendations were described for selected approved indications for the 1,550 and 1,927 nm laser system, including both lasers in combination. Treatment recommendations were also reached for investigational applications with the 1,550 nm laser and 1,927 nm laser. Best practices for using the lasers during the treatment session to achieve optimal outcomes and decrease the post-treatment recovery time were compiled.CONCLUSION: The 1,550 and 1,927 nm dual laser system is effective for a wide range of aesthetic and therapeutic applications, on and off the face and across all Fitzpatrick skin types.

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