Displacement of submacular hemorrhage with intravitreal tissue plasminogen activator following 27 gauge transvitreal fine needle aspiration biopsy for choroidal melanoma. American journal of ophthalmology case reports Narala, R., Bodnar, Z., Mruthyunjaya, P. 2022; 25: 101320


Purpose: To describe the management of submacular hemorrhage (SMH), a vision threatening complication following transvitreal choroidal biopsy, with intravitreal tissue plasminogen activator (tPA) and pure perfluoropropane (C3F8) gas bubble injection.Observations: A 53 year old female with choroidal melanoma of the left eye underwent iodine-125 plaque brachytherapy placement and 27 gauge transvitreal fine needle aspiration choroidal biopsy for gene expression profiling. On postoperative day 2, large SMH was identified on dilated fundus examination. At the time of plaque brachytherapy removal, intravitreal tPA and pure C3F8 gas bubble injection with post operative positioning was also performed to attempt displacement of SMH. At postoperative month 1 following tPA and gas bubble displacement, the SMH was completely displaced inferotemporally outside of the macula and visual acuity improved from 20/70 at postoperative week 1 to 20/25 at postoperative month 1.Conclusions and importance: Subretinal hemorrhage can be a complication of transvitreal choroidal tumor biopsy but early detection and prompt treatment can result in good visual outcomes.

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