ALDH2 Expression, Alcohol Intake, and Semen Parameters Among East Asian Men. The Journal of urology Greenberg, D. R., Bhambvani, H. P., Basran, S. S., Salazar, B. P., Rios, L. C., Li, S. J., Chen, C. H., Mochly-Rosen, D., Eisenberg, M. L. 2022: 101097JU0000000000002682


Inactivating mutations in mitochondrial aldehyde dehydrogenase-2 (ALDH2) are highly prevalent. The most common variant allele, ALDH2*2, is present in 40-50% of East Asians, and causes acetaldehyde accumulation, flushing, and tachycardia after alcohol intake. The relationship between alcohol intake and ALDH2 genotype on semen parameters remains unknown.We conducted a cross-sectional study to determine the association between ALDH2 genotype, alcohol consumption, and semen parameters among East Asian men. Volunteers completed a survey and submitted a semen sample for analysis. Participants were genotyped to determine ALDH2 status (ALDH2*1/*1, ALDH2*1/*2, ALDH2*2/*2) and immunohistochemical staining was used to determine protein expression of ALDH2 in spermatozoa.45 (40.2%) of 112 men were ALDH2*2 carriers. Among ALDH2*2 carriers, alcohol consumption was associated with significantly lower total sperm motility (median 20% [interquartile range 11-42%] vs 43% [IQR 31-57%], p=0.005) and progressive sperm motility (19% [IQR 11-37%] vs 36% [IQR 25-53%], p=0.008). Among alcohol consumers, ALDH2*2 carriers had significantly lower total sperm motility (20% [IQR 11-42%] vs 41% [IQR 19-57%], p=0.02), progressive sperm motility (19% [IQR 11-37%] vs 37% [IQR 17-50%], p=0.02) and total motile sperm count (28M [IQR 9-79M] vs 71M [IQR 23-150M], p=0.05) compared to ALDH2*1/*1 individuals. Secondly, ALDH2 expression in human spermatozoa was significantly lower in ALDH2*2 carriers (ALDH2*1/*1 vs ALDH2*1/*2, p=0.01; ALDH2*1/*1 vs ALDH2*2/*2, p<0.001).Our findings suggest genotyping ALDH2, coupled with alcohol cessation counseling, may improve semen parameters among men.

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