Ectopic Laryngeal Ossification after Bone Morphogenetic Protein-2. Surgeries Wong, K., Damrose, E., Long, J. 2021; 2 (4): 384-390


We report two cases of ectopic bone formation in the head and neck following treatment with recombinant human bone morphogenetic protein-2 (rhBMP-2). Surgical pathologic data, laryngoscopy imaging, CT imaging, and patient medical history were obtained. First, we report osseous metaplasia in the vocal fold in a 67-year-old male following mandibular dental implants with rhBMP-2; second, a case of severe bony overgrowth of the larynx and fusion to the anterior cervical spine (ACS) in a 73-year-old male following multiple anterior cervical discectomies and fusions with rhBMP-2. Ectopic bone formation following rhBMP-2 has been previously reported. Adverse events like local swelling and edema leading to dysphagia and even airway obstruction after cervical spine application of rhBMP-2 have also been widely reported. Due to the uncommon nature of abnormal bony growth in soft tissue areas of the head and neck and the previously documented adverse effects of rhBMP-2 use, especially in the cervical spine, we consider the two unusual case presentations of ectopic bony formation highly likely to be linked with rhBMP-2. We urge awareness of the adverse effects caused by rhBMP-2, and urge caution in dosing.

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