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Performance of a rule-based semi-automated method to optimize chart abstraction for surveillance imaging among patients treated for non-small cell lung cancer. BMC medical informatics and decision making Byrd, C., Ajawara, U., Laundry, R., Radin, J., Bhandari, P., Leung, A., Han, S., Asch, S. M., Zeliadt, S., Harris, A. H., Backhus, L. 2022; 22 (1): 148


BACKGROUND: We aim to develop and test performance of a semi-automated method (computerized query combined with manual review) for chart abstraction in the identification and characterization of surveillance radiology imaging for post-treatment non-small cell lung cancer patients.METHODS: A gold standard dataset consisting of 3011 radiology reports from 361 lung cancer patients treated at the Veterans Health Administration from 2008 to 2016 was manually created by an abstractor coding image type, image indication, and image findings. Computerized queries using a text search tool were performed to code reports. The primary endpoint of query performance was evaluated by sensitivity, positive predictive value (PPV), and F1 score. The secondary endpoint of efficiency compared semi-automated abstraction time to manual abstraction time using a separate dataset and the Wilcoxon rank-sum test.RESULTS: Query for image type demonstrated the highest sensitivity of 85%, PPV 95%, and F1 score 0.90. Query for image indication demonstrated sensitivity 72%, PPV 70%, and F1 score 0.71. The image findings queries ranged from sensitivity 75-85%, PPV 23-25%, and F1 score 0.36-0.37. Semi-automated abstraction with our best performing query (image type) improved abstraction times by 68% per patient compared to manual abstraction alone (from median 21.5min (interquartile range 16.0) to 6.9min (interquartile range 9.5), p<0.005).CONCLUSIONS: Semi-automated abstraction using the best performing query of image type improved abstraction efficiency while preserving data accuracy. The computerized query acts as a pre-processing tool for manual abstraction by restricting effort to relevant images. Determining image indication and findings requires the addition of manual review for a semi-automatic abstraction approach in order to ensure data accuracy.

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