International Multicenter Study of Clinical Outcomes of Sinonasal Melanoma Shows Survival Benefit for Patients Treated with Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors and Potential Improvements to the Current TNM Staging System JOURNAL OF NEUROLOGICAL SURGERY PART B-SKULL BASE Lechner, M., Takahashi, Y., Turri-Zanoni, M., Ferrari, M., Liu, J., Counsell, N., Mattavelli, D., Rampinelli, V., Vermi, W., Lombardi, D., Saade, R., Park, K., Schartinger, V. H., Franchi, A., Facco, C., Sessa, F., Battocchio, S., Fenton, T. R., Vaz, F. M., O'Flynn, P., Howard, D., Stimpson, P., Wang, S., Hannan, S., Unadkat, S., Hughes, J., Dwivedi, R., Forde, C. T., Randhawa, P., Gane, S., Joseph, J., Andrews, P. J., Dave, M., Fleming, J. C., Thomson, D., Zhu, T., Teschendorff, A., Royle, G., Steele, C., Jimenez, J. E., Laco, J., Wang, E. W., Snyderman, C., Lacy, P. D., Woods, R., O'Neill, J. P., Saraswathula, A., Kaur, R., Zhao, T., Ramanathan, M., Gallia, G. L., London, N. R., Le, Q., West, R. B., Patel, Z. M., Nayak, J. V., Hwang, P. H., Hermsen, M., Llorente, J., Facchetti, F., Nicolai, P., Bossi, P., Castelnuovo, P., Jay, A., Carnell, D., Forster, M. D., Bell, D. M., Lund, V. J., Hanna, E. Y. 2022

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