Trends in national and county-level Hispanic mortality in the United States, 2011-2020. Scientific reports Sarraju, A., Ngo, S., Ashland, M., Scheinker, D., Rodriguez, F. 2022; 12 (1): 11812


Hispanic populations generally experience more adverse socioeconomic conditions yet demonstrate lower mortality compared with Non-Hispanic White (NHW) populations in the US. This finding of a mortality advantage is well-described as the "Hispanic paradox." The Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic has disproportionately affected Hispanic populations. To quantify these effects, we evaluated US national and county-level trends in Hispanic versus NHW mortality from 2011 through 2020. We found that a previously steady Hispanic mortality advantage significantly decreased in 2020, potentiallydriven by COVID-19-attributable Hispanic mortality. Nearly 16% of US counties experienced a reversal of their pre-pandemic Hispanic mortality advantage such that their Hispanic mortality exceeded NHW mortality in 2020. An additional 50% experienced a decrease in a pre-pandemic Hispanic mortality advantage. Our work provides a quantitative understanding of the disproportionate burden of the pandemic on Hispanic health and the Hispanic paradox and provides a renewed impetus to tackle the factors driving these concerning disparities.

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