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Incidence, prevalence, and timing of postpartum complications and mortality in Canada and the United States: a systematic review and meta-analysis protocol. JBI evidence synthesis Ke, J. X., Vidler, M., Dol, J., Carvalho, B., Blake, L. E., George, R. B., Bone, J., Seligman, K., Coombs, M., Chau, A. A., Saville, L., Gibbs, R. S., Sultan, P. 2022


The goal of this systematic review is to assess the incidence, prevalence, and timing of common postpartum (up to one year after delivery) medical, surgical/procedural, and psychosocial complications and mortality.Childbirth is the most common cause for hospitalization, and cesarean delivery is the most commonly performed inpatient surgery. After delivery, mothers are at risk of short- and long-term complications that can impact their well-being. The results of this review will inform evidence-based recommendations for patient education, monitoring, and follow-up.We will include studies performed in Canada and/or the United States that report the incidence or prevalence of medical, procedural/surgical, and psychosocial complications within one year postpartum. Observational studies (analytical cross-sectional studies, retrospective and prospective cohorts), randomized or non-randomized controlled trials with a control or standard of care group, systematic reviews, and meta-analyses will be included. Studies with <100 patients, age <18?years, no reporting of duration, and focus on patients with a specific condition rather than a general postpartum population will be excluded.The search strategy was co-developed with a medical librarian and included full-text English-language articles published within the past 10?years (2011-2021) in PubMed, CINHAL, Web of Science, and Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews. Screening, critical appraisal, and data extraction will be performed by two independent reviewers using Covidence, standardized JBI tools, and a standardized form, respectively. For each complication, the incidence or prevalence, timing of the frequency measurement, and duration of follow-up from individual studies will be determined. Meta-analysis will be performed if feasible.PROSPERO CRD42022303047.

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