Artificial Intelligence in the Detection of Skin Cancer. Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology Beltrami, E. J., Brown, A. C., Salmon, P. J., Leffell, D. J., Ko, J. M., Grant-Kels, J. M. 2022


Recent advances in artificial intelligence (AI) in dermatology have demonstrated the potential to improve the accuracy of skin cancer detection. These capabilities may augment current diagnostic processes and improve the approach to management of skin cancer. To explain this technology, we discuss fundamental terminology, potential benefits, and limitations of AI and commercial applications relevant to dermatologists. A clearer understanding of the technology may help to reduce physician concerns about AI and promote its use in the clinical setting. Ultimately, the development and validation of AI technologies, their approval by regulatory agencies and widespread adoption by both dermatologists and other clinicians may enhance patient care. Technology-augmented detection of skin cancer has the potential to improve quality of life, reduce health care costs by reducing unnecessary procedures, and promote greater access to high quality skin assessment. Dermatologists play a critical role in the responsible development and deployment of AI capabilities applied to skin cancer.

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