Constitutional BRCA1 Methylation and Risk of Incident Triple-Negative Breast Cancer and High-grade Serous Ovarian Cancer. JAMA oncology Lønning, P. E., Nikolaienko, O., Pan, K., Kurian, A. W., Eikesdal, H. P., Pettinger, M., Anderson, G. L., Prentice, R. L., Chlebowski, R. T., Knappskog, S. 2022


About 25% of all triple-negative breast cancers (TNBCs) and 10% to 20% of high-grade serous ovarian cancers (HGSOCs) harbor BRCA1 promoter methylation. While constitutional BRCA1 promoter methylation has been observed in normal tissues of some individuals, the potential role of normal tissue methylation as a risk factor for incident TNBC or HGSOC is unknown.To assess the potential association between white blood cell BRCA1 promoter methylation and subsequent risk of incident TNBC and HGSOC.This case-control study included women who were participating in the Women's Health Initiative study who had not received a diagnosis of either breast or ovarian cancer before study entrance. A total of 637 women developing incident TNBC and 511 women developing incident HGSOC were matched with cancer-free controls (1841 and 2982, respectively) in a nested case-control design. Cancers were confirmed after central medical record review. Blood samples, which were collected at entry, were analyzed for BRCA1 promoter methylation by massive parallel sequencing. The study was performed in the Mohn Cancer Research Laboratory (Bergen, Norway) between 2019 and 2022.Associations between BRCA1 methylation and incident TNBC and incident HGSOC were analyzed by Cox proportional hazards regression.Of 2478 cases and controls in the TNBC group and 3493 cases and controls in the HGSOC group, respectively, 7 (0.3%) and 3 (0.1%) were American Indian or Alaska Native, 46 (1.9%) and 30 (0.9%) were Asian, 1 (0.04%) and 1 (0.03%) was Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander, 326 (13.2%) and 125 (3.6%) were Black or African, 56 (2.3%) and 116 (3.3%) were Hispanic, 2046 (82.6%) and 3257 (93.2%) were White, and 35 (1.4%) and 35 (1.0%) were multiracial. Median (range) age at entry was 62 (50-79) years, with a median interval to diagnosis of 9 (TNBC) and 10 (HGSOC) years. Methylated BRCA1 alleles were present in 194 controls (5.5%). Methylation was associated with risk of incident TNBC (12.4% methylated; HR, 2.35; 95% CI, 1.70-3.23; P?

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