Use of virtual reality for targeted physical rehabilitation: Case report on managing functional motor disorder. Journal of pediatric rehabilitation medicine Nguyen, A. T., Hemphill, S., Donahue, B., Menendez, M., Rodriguez, S., Caruso, T. J. 2022


Virtual reality (VR) technology has seen increasing use in physical rehabilitation and in the management of acute and chronic pain. Functional movement disorders (FMDs) are a source of disability with no known association to neurologic pathology, and patients are generally offered multidisciplinary treatment approaches to improve functional movement. However, patients who are not compliant with rehabilitation may have persistent FMD and long-term disability. Given VR's use in physical rehabilitation, it may serve as a useful adjunct for the management of FMD. Utilizing an application called MovementTM to create a playlist of targeted applications for the restoration of motor function and balance, this case study presents the application of VR as a tool to engage patients in physical therapy for the management of FMD. The VR games were selected to encourage movement while customization of levels within the games facilitated achievement of physical therapy goals. Physical rehabilitation aided by VR, when used in collaboration with a multidisciplinary care team, may be used to facilitate recovery from FMD.

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