Donor heart selection: Evidence-based guidelines for providers. The Journal of heart and lung transplantation : the official publication of the International Society for Heart Transplantation Copeland, H., Knezevic, I., Baran, D. A., Rao, V., Pham, M., Gustafsson, F., Pinney, S., Lima, B., Masetti, M., Ciarka, A., Rajagopalan, N., Torres, A., Hsich, E., Patel, J. K., Goldraich, L. A., Colvin, M., Segovia, J., Ross, H., Ginwalla, M., Sharif-Kashani, B., Farr, M. A., Potena, L., Kobashigawa, J., Crespo-Leiro, M. G., Altman, N., Wagner, F., Cook, J., Stosor, V., Grossi, P. A., Khush, K., Yagdi, T., Restaino, S., Tsui, S., Absi, D., Sokos, G., Zuckermann, A., Wayda, B., Felius, J., Hall, S. A. 2022


The proposed donor heart selection guidelines provide evidence-based and expert-consensus recommendations for the selection of donor hearts following brain death. These recommendations were compiled by an international panel of experts based on an extensive literature review.

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