Health Techequity: Opportunities for Digital Health Innovations to Improve Equity and Diversity in Cardiovascular Care. Current cardiovascular risk reports Hernandez, M. F., Rodriguez, F. 2022: 1-20


In this review, we define health equity, disparities, and social determinants of health; the different components of digital health; the barriers to digital health equity; and cardiovascular digital health trials and possible solutions to improve health equity through digital health.Digital health interventions show incredible potential to improve cardiovascular diseases by obtaining longitudinal, continuous, and actionable patient data; increasing access to care; and by decreasing delivery barriers and cost. However, certain populations have experienced decreased access to digital health innovations and decreased representation in cardiovascular digital health trials.Special efforts will need to be made to expand access to the different elements of digital health, ensuring that the digital divide does not exacerbate health disparities. As the expansion of digital health technologies continues, it is vital to increase representation of minoritized groups in all stages of the process: product development (needs findings and screening, concept generation, product creation, and testing), clinical research (pilot studies, feasibility studies, and randomized control trials), and finally health services deployment.

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