CAR-T Therapy in GBM: Current Challenges and Avenues for Improvement. Cancers Pant, A., Lim, M. 2023; 15 (4)


Completed clinical trials of CAR-T cells in glioblastoma (GBM) have revealed key challenges that limit their efficacy. These include incomplete antigen coverage, downregulation of target antigen in response to therapy, exposure to immunosuppressive cells and cytokines in the tumor microenvironment and exhaustion of CAR-T cells. To overcome these challenges, CAR-T cells have been modified to maximize effector function and resist immunosuppression in the tumor while limiting toxicities to the host. Adoption of these novel CAR-T strategies in GBM can overcome the "cold tumor" phenotype of GBM and trigger an inflammatory cascade that maximizes tumor clearance and minimizes CAR-T dysfunction. To achieve this, understanding and harnessing the antigenic, metabolic and immunological composition of GBM is crucial. Here we review the findings from completed clinical trials of CAR-T cells in GBM as well as novel strategies that could improve CAR-T survival and function in the tumor.

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