Utilizing a Culture Committee to Improve and Maintain a Positive Workplace Environment During a Global Pandemic. Practical radiation oncology Lau, B., Guo, F., Valenton, J., Chang, D., Le, Q., Horst, K. 2023


Workplace culture is often overlooked in interventions to improve the delivery of healthcare efficiency. Burnout and employee morale have been long-standing issues in healthcare and can negatively affect both provider and patient health. In order to address employee wellness and promote department unity, a culture committee was established within a radiation oncology department. After the emergence of the 2019 coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, burnout and social isolation among healthcare workers have increased substantially, affecting job performance and stress levels. This report revisits the efficacy of a workplace culture committee five years after its establishment, while also outlining its role during the pandemic and in the transition to a peri-pandemic workplace. The initiation of a culture committee has been pivotal to identifying and improving workplace stressors that may enable burnout. We suggest healthcare environments implement initiatives that encompass tangible and actionable solutions to feedback provided by employees.

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