Fake-news-free evidence-based communication for proper vein-lymphatic disease management. International angiology : a journal of the International Union of Angiology Gianesini, S., Chi, Y. W., Agüero, C., Alqedrah, D., Amore, M., Barbati, M., Baturone, A., Black, S., Borsuk, D., Bottini, O., Caprini, J., Chamo, M., Cherian, M., Chernuka, L., DE Maeseneer, M., Diaz, J., Garcia, M. J., Gibson, K., Gloviczki, M., Gloviczki, P., Golovina, V., Goranova, E., Grillo, L., Gwozdz, A., Hirsch, T., Hussein, E., Intriago, E., Jalaie, H., Jaworucka-Kaczorowska, A., Jindal, R., Josnin, M., Khilnani, N. M., Kim, D. I., Latorre, A., Lazarashvili, Z., Lee, B. B., Leon, L., Liew, N. C., Lobastov, K., Lurie, F., Maghetti, A., Menegatti, E., Miyake, K., Mo, M., Narayanan, S., Neuhardt, D., Pannier, F., Prego, A., Rabe, E., Raffetto, J., Raymond-Martimbeau, P., Redman, L., Reina-Gutierrez, L., Rial, R., Rockson, S., Romanelli, M., Santiago, F. R., Santiago, R. A., Sermsathanasawadi, N., Shaydakov, E., Simkin, C., Sousa, J., Stoughton, J., Szuba, A., Taha, W., Ulloa, J., Urbanek, T., Vitale, M., Vuylsteke, M., Wang, J., Weingartner, J., Wilson, S., Yamaki, T., Ng, Y., Zolotukhin, I., Mansilha, A. 2023


Published scientific evidence demonstrate the current spread of healthcare misinformation in the most popular social networks and unofficial communication channels. Up to 40% of the medical websites were identified reporting inappropriate information, moreover being shared more than 450,000 times in a 5-year-time frame. The phenomenon is particularly spread in infective diseases medicine, oncology and cardiovascular medicine. The present document is the result of a scientific and educational endeavor by a worldwide group of top experts who selected and analyzed the major issues and related evidence-based facts on vein and lymphatic management. A section of this work is entirely dedicated to the patients and therefore written in layman terms, with the aim of improving public vein-lymphatic awareness. The part dedicated to the medical professionals includes a revision of the current literature, summing up the statements that are fully evidence-based in venous and lymphatic disease management, and suggesting future lines of research to fulfill the still unmet needs. The document has been written following an intense digital interaction among dedicated working groups, leading to an institutional project presentation during the Universal Expo in Dubai, in the occasion of the v-WINter 2022 meeting.

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