A Roadmap of Craniofacial Growth Modification for Children with Sleep Disordered Breathing: A Multidisciplinary Proposal. Sleep Yoon, A., Gozal, D., Kushida, C., Pelayo, R., Liu, S., Faldu, J., Hong, C. 2023


Craniofacial modification by orthodontic techniques is increasingly incorporated in the multidisciplinary management of sleep disordered breathing in children and adolescents. With increasing application of orthodontics to this clinical population it is important for healthcare providers, families, and patients to understand the wide range of available treatments. Orthodontists can guide craniofacial growth depending on age; therefore, it is important to work with other providers for a team-based approach to sleep-disordered breathing. From infancy to adulthood the dentition and craniofacial complex change with growth patterns that can be intercepted and targeted at critical timepoints. This article proposes a clinical guideline for application of multi-disciplinary care with emphasis on dentofacial interventions that target variable growth patterns. We also highlight how these guidelines serve as a roadmap for the key questions that will influence future research directions. Ultimately the appropriate application of these orthodontic techniques will not only provide an important therapeutic option for children and adolescents with symptomatic sleep disordered breathing but may help also mitigate or prevent its onset.

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