Clinical trials reimagined. Hepatology (Baltimore, Md.) Kwo, P. Y., Patel, T. 2023


Clinical trials have been a central driver of change and have provided the evidence base necessary to advance new therapies for liver diseases. This review provides a perspective on the status of trials in hepatology, and a vantage point into the emerging capabilities and external forces that will shape the conduct of clinical trials in the future.The adaptations to clinical trials operations in response to the disruptions by the COVID-19 pandemic, and opportunities for innovation in hepatology trials are emphasized. Future trials in hepatology will be driven by unmet therapeutic needs and fueled by technological advances incorporating digital capabilities with expanded participant derived data collection, computing, and analytics. Their design will embrace innovative trial designs adapted to these advances and that emphasize broader and more inclusive participant engagement. Their conduct will be further shaped by evolving regulatory needs and the emergence of new stakeholders in the clinical trials ecosystem.The evolution of clinical trials will offer unique opportunities to advance new therapeutics that will ultimately improve the lives of patients with liver diseases.

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