Quality of recovery following childbirth: a prospective, multicentre cohort study. Anaesthesia O'Carroll, J. E., Zucco, L., Warwick, E., Arbane, G., Moonesinghe, S. R., El-Boghdadly, K., Guo, N., Carvalho, B., Sultan, P. 2023


To better understand outcomes in postpartum patients who receive peripartum anaesthetic interventions, we aimed to assess quality of recovery metrics following childbirth in a UK-based multicentre cohort study. This study was performed during a 2-week period in October 2021 to assess in- and outpatient post-delivery recovery at 1 and 30?days postpartum. The following outcomes were reported: obstetric quality of recovery 10-item measure (ObsQoR-10); EuroQoL (EQ-5D-5L) survey; global health visual analogue scale; postpartum pain scores at rest and movement; length of hospital stay; readmission rates; and self-reported complications. In total, 1638 patients were recruited and responses analysed from 1631 (99.6%) and 1282 patients (80%) at one and 30?days postpartum, respectively. Median (IQR [range]) length of stay postpartum was 39.3 (28.5-61.0 [17.7-513.4]), 40.3 (28.5-59.1 [17.8-220.9]), and 35.9 (27.1-54.1 [17.9-188.4])?h following caesarean, instrumental and vaginal deliveries, respectively. Median (IQR [range]) ObsQoR-10 score was 75 ([62-86] 4-100) on day 1, with the lowest ObsQoR-10 scores (worst recovery) reported by patients undergoing caesarean delivery. Of the 1282 patients, complications within the first 30?days postpartum were reported by 252 (19.7%) of all patients. Readmission to hospital within 30?days of discharge occurred in 69 patients (5.4%), with 49 (3%) for maternal reasons. These data can be used to inform patients regarding expected recovery trajectories; facilitate optimal discharge planning; and identify populations that may benefit most from targeted interventions to improve postpartum recovery experience.

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