Phrenic Relocation by Endoscopy, Intentional Pneumothorax Using Carbon Dioxide, and Single Lung Ventilation (PHRENICS) Technique. JACC. Clinical electrophysiology Shah, R. L., Perino, A., Wang, P., Lee, A., Badhwar, N. 2023; 9 (5): 692-696


Strategies to prevent right phrenic nerve (PN) injury during catheter ablation can be difficult to employ, ineffective, and risky. A novel PN-sparing technique involving single lung ventilation followed by "intentional pneumothorax" was prospectively evaluated in patients with multidrug refractory periphrenic atrial tachycardia (AT). This hybrid technique, termed PHRENICS (Phrenic Relocation by Endoscopy & Intentional Pneumothorax using Carbon Dioxide & Single Lung Ventilation), resulted in effective PN relocation away from the target site in all cases, allowing successful catheter ablation of AT without procedural complication or arrhythmia recurrence. The PHRENICS hybrid ablation technique can effectively mobilize the PN, avoiding unnecessary invasion of the pericardium, and can expand the safety of catheter ablation for periphrenic AT.

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