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Clinical programs for cardiometabolic health for South Asian patients in the United States: A review of key program components. Health sciences review (Oxford, England) Gulati, R. K., Husaini, M., Dash, R., Patel, J., Shah, N. S. 2023; 7


Medical literature shows that South Asians have approximately a 2-fold higher risk of atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease (CVD) compared with other populations. Given this high prevalence, clinical programs to promote cardiovascular health have emerged in the United States that are dedicated to clinical care for South Asian individuals. In this review, we have summarized the key characteristics of clinical programs in the U.S. dedicated to preventing and managing CVD in South Asian American patients. These clinical centers have many unique components in common that are catered to South Asian patient populations including ethnicity concordance of clinical providers, intensive cardiovascular screening protocols with laboratory studies and potentially genetic testing, dieticians and nutritionists who are familiar with South Asian-style dietary patterns, health coaches to support behavior change, community outreach programs, and involvement in clinical research to learn further about risk factors, prevention, and treatment of cardiovascular disease in South Asian populations. There are still many evidence and programmatic gaps left to uncover in the prevention, diagnosis, and management of CVD in South Asian. This review provides guidance for important features, barriers, and facilitators for future cardiovascular centers to develop in the United States where they can serve South Asian populations.

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