Cerebrospinal fluid biomarkers in the Longitudinal Early-onset Alzheimer's Disease Study. Alzheimer's & dementia : the journal of the Alzheimer's Association Dage, J. L., Eloyan, A., Thangarajah, M., Hammers, D. B., Fagan, A. M., Gray, J. D., Schindler, S. E., Snoddy, C., Nudelman, K. N., Faber, K. M., Foroud, T., Aisen, P., Griffin, P., Grinberg, L. T., Iaccarino, L., Kirby, K., Kramer, J., Koeppe, R., Kukull, W. A., La Joie, R., Mundada, N. S., Murray, M. E., Rumbaugh, M., Soleimani-Meigooni, D. N., Toga, A. W., Touroutoglou, A., Vemuri, P., Atri, A., Beckett, L. A., Day, G. S., Graff-Radford, N. R., Duara, R., Honig, L. S., Jones, D. T., Masdeu, J. C., Mendez, M. F., Musiek, E., Onyike, C. U., Riddle, M., Rogalski, E., Salloway, S., Sha, S. J., Turner, R. S., Wingo, T. S., Wolk, D. A., Womack, K. B., Carrillo, M. C., Dickerson, B. C., Rabinovici, G. D., Apostolova, L. G., LEADS Consortium 2023


INTRODUCTION: One goal of the Longitudinal Early Onset Alzheimer's Disease Study (LEADS) is to define the fluid biomarker characteristics of early-onset Alzheimer's disease (EOAD).METHODS: Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) concentrations of Abeta1-40, Abeta1-42, total tau (tTau), pTau181, VILIP-1, SNAP-25, neurogranin (Ng), neurofilament light chain (NfL), and YKL-40 were measured by immunoassay in 165 LEADS participants. The associations of biomarker concentrations with diagnostic group and standard cognitive tests were evaluated.RESULTS: Biomarkers were correlated with one another. Levels of CSF Abeta42/40, pTau181, tTau, SNAP-25, and Ng in EOAD differed significantly from cognitively normal and early-onset non-AD dementia; NfL, YKL-40, and VILIP-1 did not. Across groups, all biomarkers except SNAP-25 were correlated with cognition. Within the EOAD group, Abeta42/40, NfL, Ng, and SNAP-25 were correlated with at least one cognitive measure.DISCUSSION: This study provides a comprehensive analysis of CSF biomarkers in sporadic EOAD that can inform EOAD clinical trial design.

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