National Cancer Institute Collaborative Workshop on Shaping the Landscape of Brain Metastases Research: challenges and recommended priorities. The Lancet. Oncology Kim, M. M., Mehta, M. P., Smart, D. K., Steeg, P. S., Hong, J. A., Espey, M. G., Prasanna, P. G., Crandon, L., Hodgdon, C., Kozak, N., Armstrong, T. S., Morikawa, A., Willmarth, N., Tanner, K., Boire, A., Gephart, M. H., Margolin, K. A., Hattangadi-Gluth, J., Tawbi, H., Trifiletti, D. M., Chung, C., Basu-Roy, U., Burns, R., Oliva, I. C., Aizer, A. A., Anders, C. K., Davis, J., Ahluwalia, M. S., Chiang, V., Li, J., Kotecha, R., Formenti, S. C., Ellingson, B. M., Gondi, V., Sperduto, P. W., Barnholtz-Sloan, J. S., Rodon, J., Lee, E. Q., Khasraw, M., Yeboa, D. N., Brastianos, P. K., Galanis, E., Coleman, C. N., Ahmed, M. M. 2023; 24 (8): e344-e354


Brain metastases are an increasing global public health concern, even as survival rates improve for patients with metastatic disease. Both metastases and the sequelae of their treatment are key determinants of the inter-related priorities of patient survival, function, and quality of life, mandating a multidimensional approach to clinical care and research. At a virtual National Cancer Institute Workshop in September, 2022, key stakeholders convened to define research priorities to address the crucial areas of unmet need for patients with brain metastases to achieve meaningful advances in patient outcomes. This Policy Review outlines existing knowledge gaps, collaborative opportunities, and specific recommendations regarding consensus priorities and future directions in brain metastases research. Achieving major advances in research will require enhanced coordination between the ongoing efforts of individual organisations and consortia. Importantly, the continual and active engagement of patients and patient advocates will be necessary to ensure that the directionality of all efforts reflects what is most meaningful in the context of patient care.

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