Modified PROMISE criteria for standardized interpretation of gastrin-releasing peptide receptor (GRPR)-targeted PET. European journal of nuclear medicine and molecular imaging Duan, H., Davidzon, G. A., Moradi, F., Liang, T., Song, H., Iagaru, A. 2023


There are image interpretation criteria to standardize reporting prostate-specific membrane antigen (PSMA)-targeted positron emission tomography (PET). As up to 10% of prostate cancer (PC) do not express PSMA, other targets such as gastrin-releasing peptide receptor (GRPR) are evaluated. Research on GRPR-targeted imaging has been slowly increasing in usage at staging and biochemical recurrence (BCR) of PC. We therefore propose a modification of the Prostate Cancer Molecular Imaging Standardized Evaluation (PROMISE) criteria (mPROMISE) for GRPR-targeted PET.[68 Ga]Ga-RM2 PET data from initially prospective studies performed at our institution were retrospectively reviewed: 44 patients were imaged for staging and 100 patients for BCR PC. Two nuclear medicine physicians independently evaluated PET according to the mPROMISE criteria. A third expert reader served as standard reference. Interreader reliability was computed for GRPR expression, prostate bed (T), lymph node (N), skeleton (Mb), organ (Mc) metastases, and final judgment of the scan.The interrater reliability for GRPR PET at staging was moderate for GRPR expression (0.59; 95% confidence interval [CI] 0.40, 0.78), substantial for T-stage (0.78; 95% CI 0.63, 0.94), and almost perfect for N-stage (0.97; 95% CI 0.92, 1.00) and final judgment (0.92; 95% CI 0.82, 1.00). The interreader agreement at BCR showed substantial agreement for GRPR expression (0.70; 95% CI 0.59, 0.81) and final judgment (0.65; 95% CI 0.53, 0.78), while almost perfect agreement was seen across the major categories (T, N, Mb, Mc). Acceptable performance of the mPROMISE criteria was found for all subsets when compared to the standard reference.Interpreting GRPR-targeted PET using the mPROMISE criteria showed its reliability with substantial or almost perfect interrater agreement across all major categories. The proposed modification of the PROMISE criteria will aid clinicians in decreasing the level of uncertainty, and clinical trials to achieve uniform evaluation, reporting, and comparability of GRPR-targeted Identifier: NCT03113617 and NCT02624518.

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