Roadmap for Successful Research Training in Neurosurgery. Neurosurgery Hayden Gephart, M., Holly, L. T., Amin-Hanjani, S., Zipfel, G. J., Mack, W. J., Tennekoon, M., Korn, S. 2023; 93 (3): e46-e52


A benchmark of success for the neurosurgeon-scientist includes obtaining individual research funding from the National Institutes of Health. Successful roadmaps to this goal highlight individual commitment and resiliency, innovative research goals, intentional mentoring, protected research time, and financial support. Neurosurgery residents must carefully plan their training career to surmount obstacles such as long clinical training period, gaps in research productivity during clinical training, and limited protected time for research to ensure successful transition to independent research careers. To maximize potential for success as a neurosurgeon-scientist, individuals should have strong research experience on entering residency, choose residency programs that enthusiastically commit to research success among its residents, choose research mentors who will guide them expertly toward a research career, and become well-prepared to apply for research funding during residency. Moreover, individuals who wish to become leaders as neurosurgeon-researchers should seek environments that provide exposure to the widest range of experiences, perspectives, and thinking about medical and research problems.

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