Anticytokine Autoantibodies and Fungal Infections. Journal of fungi (Basel, Switzerland) Kappagoda, S., Deresinski, S. 2023; 9 (8)


Anticytokine autoantibodies (ACAAs) can cause adult onset immunodeficiencies which mimic primary immunodeficiencies and can present as refractory and severe fungal infections. This paper provides an overview of the role of innate immunity, including key cytokines, in fungal infections and then describes four clinical scenarios where ACAAs are associated with severe presentations of a fungal infection: (1) Talaromyces marneffei infection and anti-interferon-?, (2) histoplasmosis and anti-interferon-?, (3) Cryptococcus gattii infection and anti-GM-CSF, and (4) mucocutaneous candidiasis and anti-IL-17A/F (IL-22). Testing for ACAAs and potential therapeutic options are discussed.

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