Identifying shared transcriptional risk patterns between atherosclerosis and cancer. iScience Baylis, R. A., Gao, H., Wang, F., Bell, C. F., Luo, L., Björkegren, J. L., Leeper, N. J. 2023; 26 (9): 107513


Cancer and cardiovascular disease (CVD) are the leading causes of death worldwide. Numerous overlapping pathophysiologic mechanisms have been hypothesized to drive the development of both diseases. Further investigation of these common pathways could allow for the identification of mutually detrimental processes and therapeutic targeting to derive mutual benefit. In this study, we intersect transcriptomic datasets correlated with disease severity or patient outcomes for both cancer and atherosclerotic CVD. These analyses confirmed numerous pathways known to underlie both diseases, such as inflammation and hypoxia, but also identified several novel shared pathways. We used these to explore common translational targets by applying the drug prediction software, OCTAD, to identify compounds that simultaneously reverse the gene expression signature for both diseases. These analyses suggest that certain tumor-specific therapeutic approaches may be implemented so that they avoid cardiovascular consequences, and in some cases may even be used to simultaneously target co-prevalent cancer and atherosclerosis.

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