Small Cell Lung Cancer: Emerging Targets and Strategies for Precision Therapy. Cancers Patel, S. R., Das, M. 2023; 15 (16)


Small cell lung cancer is an aggressive subtype of lung cancer with limited treatment options. Precision medicine has revolutionized cancer treatment for many tumor types but progress in SCLC has been slower due to the lack of targetable biomarkers. This review article provides an overview of emerging strategies for precision therapy in SCLC. Targeted therapies include targeted kinase inhibitors, monoclonal antibodies, angiogenesis inhibitors, antibody-drug conjugates, PARP inhibitors, and epigenetic modulators. Angiogenesis inhibitors and DNA-damaging agents, such as PARP and ATR inhibitors, have been explored in SCLC with limited success to date although trials are ongoing. The potential of targeting DLL3, a NOTCH ligand, through antibody-drug conjugates, bispecific T-cell engagers, and CAR T-cell therapy, has opened up new therapeutic options moving forward. Additionally, new research in epigenetic therapeutics in reversing transcriptional repression, modulating anti-tumor immunity, and utilizing antibody-drug conjugates to target cell surface-specific targets in SCLC are also being investigated. While progress in precision therapy for SCLC has been challenging, recent advancements provide optimism for improved treatment outcomes. However, several challenges remain and will need to be addressed, including drug resistance and tumor heterogeneity. Further research and biomarker-selected clinical trials are necessary to develop effective precision therapies for SCLC patients.

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