Impact of HIV Infection on COVID-19 Outcomes Among Hospitalized Adults in the U.S. medRxiv : the preprint server for health sciences Durstenfeld, M. S., Sun, K., Ma, Y., Rodriguez, F., Secemsky, E. A., Parikh, R. V., Hsue, P. Y. 2021


Whether HIV infection is associated with differences in clinical outcomes among people hospitalized with COVID-19 is uncertain.To evaluate the impact of HIV infection on COVID-19 outcomes among hospitalized patients.Using the American Heart Association's COVID-19 Cardiovascular Disease registry, we used hierarchical mixed effects models to assess the association of HIV with in-hospital mortality accounting for patient demographics and comorbidities and clustering by hospital. Secondary outcomes included major adverse cardiac events (MACE), severity of illness, and length of stay (LOS).The registry included 21,528 hospitalization records of people with confirmed COVID-19 from 107 hospitals in 2020, including 220 people living with HIV (PLWH). PLWH were younger (56.0+/-13.0 versus 61.3+/-17.9 years old) and more likely to be male (72.3% vs 52.7%), Non-Hispanic Black (51.4% vs 25.4%), on Medicaid (44.5% vs 24.5), and active tobacco users (12.7% versus 6.5%).Of the study population, 36 PLWH (16.4%) had in-hospital mortality compared with 3,290 (15.4%) without HIV (Risk ratio 1.06, 95%CI 0.79-1.43; risk difference 0.9%, 95%CI -4.2 to 6.1%; p=0.71). After adjustment for age, sex, race, and insurance, HIV was not associated with in-hospital mortality (aOR 1.13; 95%CI 0.77-1.6; p 0.54) even after adding body mass index and comorbidities (aOR 1.15; 95%CI 0.78-1.70; p=0.48). HIV was not associated with MACE (aOR 0.99, 95%CI 0.69-1.44, p=0.91), severity of illness (aOR 0.96, 95%CI 0.62-1.50, p=0.86), or LOS (aOR 1.03; 95% CI 0.76-1.66, p=0.21).HIV was not associated with adverse outcomes of COVID-19 including in-hospital mortality, MACE, or severity of illness.

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