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International Expert Consensus on US Lexicon for Thyroid Nodules. Radiology Durante, C., Hegedüs, L., Na, D. G., Papini, E., Sipos, J. A., Baek, J. H., Frasoldati, A., Grani, G., Grant, E., Horvath, E., Hoang, J. K., Mandel, S. J., Middleton, W. D., Ngu, R., Orloff, L. A., Shin, J. H., Trimboli, P., Yoon, J. H., Tessler, F. N. 2023; 309 (1): e231481


Multiple US-based systems for risk stratification of thyroid nodules are in use worldwide. Unfortunately, the malignancy probability assigned to a nodule varies, and terms and definitions are not consistent, leading to confusion and making it challenging to compare study results and craft revisions. Consistent application of these systems is further hampered by interobserver variability in identifying the sonographic features on which they are founded. In 2018, an international multidisciplinary group of 19 physicians with expertise in thyroid sonography (termed the International Thyroid Nodule Ultrasound Working Group) was convened with the goal of developing an international system, tentatively called the International Thyroid Imaging Reporting and Data System, or I-TIRADS, in two phases: (phase I) creation of a lexicon and atlas of US descriptors of thyroid nodules and (phase II) development of a system that estimates the malignancy risk of a thyroid nodule. This article presents the methods and results of phase I. The purpose herein is to show what has been accomplished thus far, as well as generate interest in and support for this effort in the global thyroid community.

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