EUS-guided gold fiducial insertion for image-guided radiation therapy of pancreatic cancer: 50 successful cases without fluoroscopy GASTROINTESTINAL ENDOSCOPY Park, W. G., Yan, B. M., Schellenberg, D., Kim, J., Chang, D. T., Koong, A., Patalano, C., Van Dam, J. 2010; 71 (3): 513-518


Image-guided radiation therapy (IGRT) accurately delivers a high dose of potentially tumoricidal radiation to its target while sparing adjacent healthy tissue. Application of IGRT to unresectable pancreatic cancer requires the use of fiducials to track the precise location of the tumor. Fiducial markers have been successfully placed endoscopically.To determine the feasibility of EUS-guided gold fiducial placement for IGRT.Prospective case series.Tertiary medical center.Consecutively referred patients with locally advanced unresectable pancreatic adenocarcinoma for EUS-guided insertion of gold fiducials from December 2006 to February 2009.Under only EUS guidance, fiducial markers were deployed into or near the tumor by using a 19-gauge needle. In most cases, a sterile water injection technique was used to insert the fiducials. Fluoroscopy was not used in any case.Successful placement of an adequate number of fiducials to proceed with IGRT as determined by CT.Fifty-seven consecutive patients were included. Fifty cases (88%) were successful. Of the cases in which fiducial placement was attempted and follow-up was adequate, 94% (50 of 53) of cases were successful.Single-center, nonrandomized study.EUS-guided fine-needle insertion was safe and effective in delivering gold fiducial markers for image-guided radiation therapy. Fluoroscopy was not required for successful fiducial placement.

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