Learning management systems and lecture capture in the medical academic environment. International anesthesiology clinics Chu, L. F., Young, C. A., Ngai, L. K., Cun, T., Pearl, R. G., Macario, A. 2010; 48 (3): 27-51


As residents work disparate schedules at multiple locations and because of workweek hour limits mandated by the ACGME, residents may be unable to attend lectures, seminars, or other activities that would enhance their skills. Further, the ACGME requires that residency programs document resident learning in six stated core competencies and provide proof of completion for various other requirements. LMS/LC is a promising technology to provide a means by which residency programs may overcome these obstacles. More studies are needed to show under what conditions an LMS/LC program actually enhances learning, and which elements are most useful to the new generation of learners comfortable with Web 2.0 technologies.

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