A truly hybrid interventional MR/X-ray system: Feasibility demonstration 8th Annual Meeting of the ISMRM Fahrig, R., Butts, K., Rowlands, J. A., Saunders, R., Stanton, J., Stevens, G. M., Daniel, B. L., Wen, Z. F., Ergun, D. L., Pelc, N. J. JOHN WILEY & SONS INC. 2001: 294–300


A system enabling both x-ray fluoroscopy and MRI in a single exam, without requiring patient repositioning, would be a powerful tool for image-guided interventions. We studied the technical issues related to acquisition of x-ray images inside an open MRI system (GE Signa SP). The system includes a flat-panel x-ray detector (GE Medical Systems) placed under the patient bed, a fixed-anode x-ray tube overhead with the anode-cathode axis aligned with the main magnetic field and a high-frequency x-ray generator (Lunar Corp.). New challenges investigated related to: 1) deflection and defocusing of the electron beam of the x-ray tube; 2) proper functioning of the flat panel; 3) effects on B0 field homogeneity; and 4) additional RF noise in the MR images. We have acquired high-quality x-ray and MR images without repositioning the object using our hybrid system, which demonstrates the feasibility of this new configuration. Further work is required to ensure that the highest possible image quality is achieved with both MR and x-ray modalities.

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