Supporting the Transition into Older Adulthood


Barbara Gordon (right) talks with Diane Finch about an exercise video. More than 1 million older adults in California fall each year. Research shows that exercising regularly can help prevent falls and maintain independence.

She was able to provide objective feedback about our aunt's care and condition. It set my mind at rest knowing that Rita was following up and helping us deal with a very sensitive situation.

-Leila Coleman's niece

Farewell to Falls program director Ellen Corman (right) counsels Diane Finch about throw rugs, which can be a major cause of tripping.

Stanford Hospital volunteer Barbara Gordon (left) talks to Diane Finch (right) about using handrails on stairs.

We're telling them, look, your falls are preventable. We're here to help you.

-Ellen Corman, Farewell to Falls program director

For a year after her fall, Diane Finch (right) received periodic phone calls from Barbara Gordon (left) just to "check in."