A Gentle Touch Proves Its Power in New Breast Cancer Treatments


The thought of going every day, five days a week for seven weeks was just overwhelming. When I was presented with this shorter option, I just grabbed at it.

-Anne Broderick, patient, Stanford Hospital & Clinics

When her Stanford radiation oncologist, Kate Horst, MD, offered Broderick a chance at radiation therapy that would last days, not weeks, she said yes. 

Physicians knew it was out there. People also said it's been tried and didn't work. We decided we were going to do this in a way that would make it work.

-Frederick Dirbas, MD, Leader, Breast Disease Management Group, Stanford Women's Cancer Center

Broderick felt such benefit from the Healing Partners program at Stanford, she trained to be a practitioner of the hands-on therapy and now helps others.

The way I was treated definitely contributed to my healing. It was clear to me that people cared about me.

-Anne Broderick, patient, Stanford Hospital & Clinics