New Tools, New Anesthesia, New Therapy Means Big Changes in Hip Replacement


It gets depressing when you can't do things you normally would do. I just got to the point of thinking, 'This is how it's going to be.'

-David Heuck, patient, Stanford Hospital & Clinics

Minimally invasive hip replacement surgery meant David Heuck was able to return to work six days after his surgery, and, instead of having to wait months to get back to playing golf, he was back on the course in six weeks.

The goal is to get people healed quicker so they can get back to work and get back to life.

-Matt Miller, MD, orthopaedic surgeon, Stanford Hospital & Clinics

David Heuck was back to work so quickly after his hip replacement surgery that some of his colleagues, like Shawn Smith wondered if he'd decided against the surgery.

It's changed our quality of life, for sure.

-Janie Brooks Heuck